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Urns, Caskets & Tributes


Mahogany Caskets

From £50


Oak Caskets

From £50


Photo Memory Boxes

From £50


Solid Brass

From £65.00


Ceramic Urns

From £40.00


Ceramic Forget-me-not Urns and Garden Memorial Stone

Garden urn in the shape of a stone makes a forever and discreet memorial for your pets ashes can also have your pets name plaque added.


Scatter Tubes

One included in the price of Cremation, additional scatter tubes available from £10.00


Solid Brass Odyssey Bowl

From £50.00


Solid Brass Heart

From £50.00


Bamboo Scatter Pouches

From £5.00

Clay paw print.jpg

Clay Paw Print and Frame


Inkless pawprint.jpg

Figurine Urns

Available in a wide range of pet type and breed.

Inkless Paw Print

Unique to your pets paw just as a human finger print.


PETRIBUTES_Paw-Print-Urns Hearts_Range.jpg
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