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About Me

I am Holly Sanders, the owner and founder of Faithful Friends Pet Crematorium. I have been an animal lover and owner all of my life, being fortunate enough to have had many loved dogs and horses in my family. My best friend and soul mate is my dear pony Sid. I have owned him for 26 years and he is now at the grand age of 35, with many more to come! Aside from the animals my second love is motorsport, achieving a drag racing championship win in 2017. 

In January 2018, I was given life changing news, in the coming two years my place of work would be closing and I would be made redundant.

Two months after this news, I faced a heart-breaking decision. My Faithful Friend Ash, a 15-year-old Collie cross Retriever was loosing her fight with dementia. On Mother’s Day and after realising that I would lose her, I contacted several Pet Crematoriums to see if anyone would be able to receive her. Unfortunately, the only crematorium who answered the phone, currently had a pet in their Chapel of Rest so were unable to receive her that day but could receive her first thing in the next morning. This was very distressing for me. Having made the difficult decision to let Ash go but not being able to take her directly to a Pet Crematorium would mean the only option available would be to leave her at the vets where she would then have been stored in a freezer until she could be collected. I could not cope with the thought of this happening.

Thankfully, she had a peaceful evening which then allowed me to take her to the vets first thing in the morning and directly to the Pet Crematorium’s Chapel of Rest. This is when I realised that other pet owners must be faced with the same dilemma, and felt that this shouldn't be the case. Losing a companion is difficult enough without adding stress to the trauma. With that in mind and the loss of my job looming I knew that this is what I had to do. If it helped just one other person in this predicament it would be worth it.

This is how the Faithful Friends Pet Crematorium was founded. I want everyone who uses Faithful Friends to walk away knowing that their pet is in safe hands. They will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity, as if each pet was one of my own, from the moment your pet arrives in our care until the ashes are returned to you.

I have joined the APPCC (Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria) and adhere to their code of practice which can be found here. This is a very strict criteria that I whole heartedly agree with, sharing my own values, and is centred around your pet being handled and cared for in the most sympathetic way. 

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