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Price List

All individual cremations include the ashes returned in a scatter tube. We stock or can order a large range of caskets, urns and tributes please contact us to discuss your requirements or this can be arranged on the day. You can view most of our stock on our 'Urns' page. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us. We will endeavour to return the ashes to you within 2 - 4 working days of receiving your pet and full payment for your chosen service.

guinea pig.png

Small Pet

Hamster, Mouse, Gerbil, Budgie, Tarantula, Small Fish, etc.



Medium Pet

Rat, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Ferret, Hedgehog, Degu, Parrot, Small Snake etc.



Large Pet

Small Rabbit, Large Snake, Tortoise, Chicken, Large Fish, etc.


collared cat outside.jpg


All domestic breeds


Small Terrier.jpg

Small Dog

Up to 10kg

Chihuahua, Small Terrier, Toy Poodle, Shih tzu, Whippet, French Bulldog, Pug, King Charles Spaniel etc.  



Medium Dog


Cocker Spaniel, Standard Schnauzer, Border Collie, Springer Spaniel, English Bulldog, Basset Hound, Staffordshire Bull Terrier etc


German Shepherd.jpg

Large Dog


Standard Poodle, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Pointer,  etc.


X - Large Dog


American Bulldog, Boxer, x-large Labrador, x-large German Shepherd,  Doberman etc.


Gaint Dog

50.1kg +

Bull Mastiff, Newfoundland, Great Dane, St.Bernard etc.



Out of hours

All services required outside of our operating hours ( Mon-Sat 9.00am - 5.00pm , excluding bank holidays) will incur an additional one off charge. 

£ contact us for a quote

attended crem.jpg

Collection and Return Service

We are able to offer Collection and / or Return from / to  your Home or vets practice, Free of Charge within a 5 miles radius and charged per mile outside of this radius. Please contact us to discuss in more detail. 


Inkless pawprint.jpg

Inkless Paw Print

We are able to take an inkless paw print of your pets paw very much like a human finger print returned to you in a frame.


Clay Paw print.jpg

Clay Paw Print

We are able to take an clay paw print which is in a memory photo frame for you to place your own photo of you beloved pet on the other side.


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